3D Wooden Puzzles. Gopher Holes.

You find this puzzle at Happy Porto Hostel lounge area or library.  It is called Gopher Holes. Gopher Holes is a puzzle made up of 9 rectangular pieces, all different from each other. Where the main goal is to fit them into a box so that it can be closed. The video above shows how to solve it.

Here are the steps to solving the Gopher Holes puzzle:

1. Identify all the gopher holes

2. Identify which gopher is in the starting position and which is in the moving position

3. Map out the current state and the desired end state

4. Decide on the best route for the moving gopher to take to reach the end state

5. Move the gopher along the chosen path until it reaches the end state.

6. Repeat the process until all the gophers have reached their desired end states.

The history of the Gopher Holes puzzle is shrouded in mystery, but many historians believe it originated in China during the Tang Dynasty (618907). The puzzle involves moving gophers from different holes while avoiding obstacles along the way. It‘s said to have been a popular pastime among Chinese scholars and members of the imperial court. Over the centuries, the puzzle has spread all over the world and is now enjoyed by puzzle fans everywhere.


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