Hostel Sustainability Goals ​

Sustainability Commitment

 We target to run and develop our business with social commitment, promoting the well-being of society and the environment while lessening negative impacts with our activity. 

We know that the hostel running water used in showers and taps is  sourced from local rivers Douro and Paiva at ETA of Lever (20 Km East of Porto). Porto tap water is of very good quality, tastes fine and is drinkable. 

Our electricity is produced from renewable sources based on wind turbines, solar panels and on water gravity through our local River Douro dams. We have eight dams in Douro Valley on the Portuguese side.

Happy Porto Hostel own commitment is a small step, but we believe that we need to take part in saving the planet in a daily basis. We invite you as our guest to support this idea and contribute to these goals. 

We will be proud of your support in our cause!

Target Date


Goal Statement


Achieved, Maintain

100% Clean Electricity Energy. Use renewal sources of energy only.



0% Usage of Disposable Plastics Objects. Reduce our carbon footprint.



Recycle 75% more waste, compared to 2017. Reduce our carbon footprint.



Reduce 35% of Water Consumption, compared to 2017

Environmental Sustainability

Happy Porto have committed and signed with United Nations a Sustainability Agreement and set a plan of action in .

We have set goals in 2021 and committed with UN under “The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative”.

We share the vision to address the root causes of plastic pollution. It enables our business to lead by example in the shift towards a circular economy avoiding single use, disposable plastics.

We are a sustainable hostel in Porto.

We aim to be a truly Eco hostel in Portugal.

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